The Hofanger Park in Gstadt

Hofanger is located right on the banks of Lake Chiemsee, opposite Fraueninsel, at the northern exit of Gstadt, towards Gollenshausen.

The name “Hofanger” comes from “Hopfenanger”, because in earlier times hops were cultivated on this site. In the spring of 2008, a small natural park with various recreational, game and information facilities was created here.

Look and enjoy

“Hofanger”, the pavillion shaped restaurant with terrace, invites you to enjoy culinary delights. Designed with a large glass front, it offers a unique panoramic view over the lake, the islands and the Chiemgau Alps.

Play and refresh

The playground toys and the watercourse, a special attraction where the small visitors can play, can be seen from the picnic table by the lake and from the restaurant. Just below Hofangers you can dive directly into the refreshing lake, play beach volleyball, sail, surf or just relax in lovely surroundings at the new beach area.

For all senses…

A small stone labyrinth shows you the way to your inner-self and the rose garden, a medicinal plant display, and herb beds, invite you to relax. Here you can observe the cosmic forces in the planetary beds and convent plants. Plants of Hildegard von Bingen, women’s plants and kitchen herbs can also be discovered. The scented plants, edible flowers and various sage and mugwort species and the butterfly flower bed allow you to observe the diversity of the insect world from spring to autumn.

…and the spirit

The surrounding area can be explored from the platform with a telescope, and the Chiemgau alpine peak names can be seen on the graphic mountain panorama. Everything you need to know about the Hofanger is described on information boards or through personally guided tours from May to October.

An oasis

Various old fruit varieties are planted on the whole site, which can be harvested in autumn, and an 8-meter-long oak table offers plenty of space for picnics together or for the processing of medicinal plants within the framework of the guided tours. The whole area offers various places for resting and watching the beautiful scenery of the lake and the Chiemgau Alps.

Events in Hofanger

Once a year, usually on the first weekend of August, the Hofanger turns into “Klein-Montmartre”. A bazaar and a “Market of Senses” as well as various live music events lure guests from near and far to three extraordinary days with probably the most beautiful view of the Chiemsee.

Further information:

View from the Hofanger to Fraueninsel (Foto: © Ulli Seer)

View from the Hofanger to Fraueninsel

Nature Park Hofanger (Foto: © Ulli Seer)

Nature Park Hofanger

Flower splendor in Hofanger (Foto: © Ulli Seer)

Flower splendor in Hofanger


Hofanger Nature Park

Seestraße, 83257 Gstadt


At the exit from Gstadt in the direction of Gollenshausen, the smaller of the two districts, the Hofanger is located directly on the Chiemsee bank opposite the Fraueninsel. The name "Hofanger" comes from "Hopfenanger", since earlier hops were cultivated on this site. In the spring of 2008, a small natural park with various recreational, game and information facilities was created.

Stepless walks.


Taverna Hofanger

Seestr. 6, 83257 Gstadt

Tel.: 08054 9089515

Mediterranean and German cuisine, terrace with lake and mountain views; Opening times: Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (hot food from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.)

Public, barrier-free WC, stairs lift.


Kiosk at Hofanger

Seestraße 6, 83257 Gstadt

The Kiosk is part of the restaurant Taverna Hofanger and is only open in summer.

Public toilet with disabled access.

Public beach Gstadt

Tourist-Info, Seestraße 6, 83257 Gstadt

Tel.: +49 (0) 8054 442



Public swimming area offering a long pier, playing areas for children, beach-volleyball, kiosk and restaurant.

Parking available, lift to Hofanger and changing room with access for disabled, entrance to the pier via a gravel path, easy access to the lake via the pier.


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