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Regional and Sustainable

Probably the most beautiful view in the Chiemgau area, a garden of peace, a house of recreation for children, organic farms with regional products, relaxing at the “Bottomless Lake” (Grundloser See); all these wonderful possibilities are offered by Gstadt and its communities.

There are no limits to regional, sustainable indulgences in Gstadt. Have breakfast at “Café Inselblick” with a view of Fraueninsel and enjoy, for example, organic eggs or go for to “Bagel and Coffee” at Hofanger for a freshly prepared veggie bagel and a green smoothie with basil. The “Hofcafé Utz” in the beautiful area of Lienzing offers, amongst other things, homemade cakes, tarts and „Auszogene“, the traditional pastry. At the “Seehäusl” directly on the Gollenshausen shoreline you can enjoy Matjes and other fish specialties fresh from the lake.

In the village of Breitbrunn you find the organic food store “Chiemgauer Bioinsel” with the vegetarian and vegan restaurant “PURA” right next door.

Organic farms with products offered directly from the producer can also be found in and around the area of Gstadt. Freshly baked bread and other baked goods are offered by the local bakeries. The organic farm “Ettenhuber” cultivates agriculture according to the “Naturland” guidelines. In addition to 60 dairy cows, they also have calves, cats and chickens. At Josef Buchner in Preinersdorf, you can find wild-flower and forest honey, directly from his own 4 bee hives.

During your stay you can also contribute to a sustainable and ecological future and use the “Chiemsee Ring Bus” line, the “Bürgerbus” and the ship to Prien or the islands. There are no limits for walkers and hikers in Gstadt. A trip to the mystical “Grundlose See”, (bottomless lake) or up on the hill to the „Schöne Aussicht“ (“beautiful view”), with a visit to the Garden of Peace will be a lasting memory for you. We highly recommend a cycling trip around the Chiemsee or the Eggstätt-Hemhofer lake district with its 18 small individual lakes, which is one of the most important post ice-age landscapes of the Bavarian Alpine foothills.

At the observation tower “Ganszipfel” in Gstadt, you can observe birds all year round, under professional guidance or on your own, to enjoy a special experience of nature. There are many unknown places where silence and pure nature can be thoroughly enjoyed. Discover Gstadt and the Chiemgau area with all your senses!

Are you interested in the regional currency of Chiemgau, effective microorganisms (EM) or the Irmengard farm of the Björn Schulz Foundation? Would you like to know more about regional suppliers, organic products or sustainable tours in the Chiemgau region? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Gstadt - sustainable (Foto: © Ulli Seer)

Gstadt – sustainable


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Contact: +49 (0) 8054 442   ·   Email: info@gstadt.de       

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