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If you are travelling without a car, or prefer not to use your vehicle during your holiday, you will also be within easy walking distance of all important places such as the jetty, restaurants, ice cream parlor or supermarket.

And what can be more beautiful than to escape everyday life and just feel the fresh breeze! But, of course, this doesn´t mean that you must walk everywhere: the regional bus services of Oberbayern, which has a bus stop in Gstadt, commutes to the entire region and to the most beautiful sight-seeing destinations.

In addition, during the summer months, there is the “Chiemsee Ring Bus” line, which circumnavigates the lake and is ideal for combined hiking and biking tours. Use your Guest Card to travel for free. Fees apply for bicyle transport.

Cycling in the nature? You can also rent bikes and e-bikes during your stay in Gstadt.

For a cultural experience, go on a sightseeing tour or visit a city: the Deutsche Bahn’s Bavarian Ticket is a quick and cheap transport alternative for groups or single travelers, to Salzburg, Munich, Rosenheim, Kufstein or Wasserburg am Inn.

Contact us, we will happily advise you on a car-free holiday in Gstadt at Lake Chiemsee!

Cycling tour with a view of the lake and it’s islands (Foto: © Ulli Seer)

Cycling tour with a view of the lake and it’s islands

Touring on the paddle-steamer (Foto: © Ulli Seer)

Touring on the paddle-steamer

The Chiemsee Ring Bus offers the possibility to take bicycles (Source: www.chiemsee-alpenland.de)

The Chiemsee Ring Bus offers the possibility to take bicycles (Source: www.chiemsee-alpenland.de)


Chiemsee ferries

Ships go directly from Gstadt to the island of Fraueninsel and from there to the other ports including the island of Herreninsel. There are also other connections from Prien/Stock and round trips on the lake. In Prien itself you can take the “Chiemseebahn” (a historic steam train called “Bockerl”) from the port into the town center and back.

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Chiemsee Ring Line (RVO 9586)

Guests with a valid Gstadt guest card can travel free of charge on the buses of the Chiemsee Ring Line. Transporting a bike costs 2.10 € per bicycle. Reduced rates for locals.

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Chiemgau Bahn (train) Prien-Aschau

From Prien train station you can take the Chiemgau train to Aschau i. Ch.


RVO bus line 9505 Reit im Winkl – Marquartstein – Prien at Chiemsee

With the RVO line 9505 from Prien you can reach the villages of Rottau, Grassau, Marquartstein, Unterwössen, Oberwössen and Reit im Winkl.

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Train connections

The nearest railway stations are in Prien am Chiemsee or Bad Endorf where the MERIDIAN stops every hour and takes you to both Munich and Salzburg. There are also connections to the Chiemsee Ring Line and to various local buses.

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Citizens Bus Chiemsee

This bus runs daily from Monday to Friday from April to October, and Monday, Wednesday and Friday from November to March. If travelling between two municipalities, the trip costs 1 Euro for adults and 0,50 Euro for children. Travelling through three or more communities, costs 1.50 Euros for adults and 0.80 Euros for children. Voluntary drivers make the citizen bus possible and transport up to eight persons in the small buses.


RVO bus route 9520 Traunstein-Gstadt-Prien

With the RVO line 9520 you reach the towns of Prien, Chieming, Seebruck, Rimsting and Traunstein.

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Heitauer Bus Tours

Our local bus company offers interesting day trips.

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Bicycle rentals at the hotel ChiemseePanorama

Josef Alexander Rappl, Seeplatz 4, 83257 Gstadt

Tel.: +49 (0) 8054 214

E-Mail: info@chiemseepanorama.de

Internet: www.chiemseepanorama.de


Bicycle and E-Bike rental Gstadt

Peter Reichl, Breitbrunner Str. 8, 83257 Gstadt

mobil: +49 (0) 176 57912881

E-Mail: info@fahrrad-verleih-gstadt.de

Internet: www.fahrrad-verleih-gstadt.de


Bicycle rentals, Prien

Christian Kaufmann, Osternacher Str. 120, 83209 Prien

Tel.: +49 (0) 8051 964789

E-Mail: christian@chiemsee-kaufmann.de

Internet: www.radlverleih-chiemsee.de/prien


Chiemsee Ferry Services

83257 Gstadt

Tel.: +49 (0) 8051 6090

E-Mail: info@chiemsee-schifffahrt.de

Internet: www.chiemsee-schifffahrt.de

„Dampfersteg“, the main pier in Gstadt

accessible Year round ferry services, toilet is available in the tourist office.


Tour-me, mobility in all situations

Hauptstraße 32, 83339 Chieming

Tel.: +49 (0) 8664 9280015

E-Mail: info@tour-me.info

Internet: www.tour-me.info

accessible Bicycle rental with 2-seater bikes and a wheelchair-bicycle.


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Tel: +49 (0) 8054 442· E-Mail: info@gstadt.de
Contact: +49 (0) 8054 442   ·   Email: info@gstadt.de       

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