Sparkasse ATM

Sparkasse ATM directly at the Tourist Info. There are no ATMs on the islands.

Hofanger Nature Park

On the outskirts of Gstadt in the direction of Gollenshausen, the smaller of the two districts, the Hofanger is located directly on the Chiemsee shore opposite the Fraueninsel. The name Hofanger comes from “Hopfenanger” because hops used to be grown on...

Hofcafé Utz

From the region, for the region, the motto is: Tasty, according to traditional recipes, homemade cakes and tarts, lard baked goods such as Schuxen, Hasenöhrl or “Auszügete”, but guests can also enjoy snacks and other specialties. In addition to coffee or...


This picturesque spot is located between Mitterndorf and Gstadt, 2 minutes from the lake. It has its own restaurant with an idyllic bathing area.


The district lies behind the Lienzinger Moos in the direction of Eggstätt, surrounded by meadows and forests.
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