Chiemsee Songwriter Contest – BAZart and Market of the Spirit  (Markt der Sinne)

04.08. to 06.08: For the fourth time the ChiemseeBAZart will take place on the shores of the lake and will be musically supported by the 3rd festival of Songwriters on Saturday, August, 5th.

The live contest takes place with finalists from Austria, Switzerland and Bavaria, supported by a musical program on Friday and Sunday.


The island of Fraueninsel has been painted by countless artists and sketched and photographed by tourists thousands of times: The Fraueninsel, a jewel in Lake Chiemsee – framed by the picturesque scenery of the gentle Alpine foothills.
Alpine foothills, as seen from Gstadt at Chiemsee.

Type of event

The ChiemseeBAZart on the west shore of the “Bavarian Sea”. Along the promenade, just past the ship’s pier in the direction of Seebad to the Festwiese with a stage on the lake and “Spiel & Sport-corner”, then on the left to the “Klein-Montmartre” hill with the most picturesque view of the lake. Through the Market of the Spirit, (Markt der Sinne), past the herb garden “wonders of nature”, as far as the Rose Garden with the sculpture park and LandArt.

Opening hours

04.08. – 06.08.2017
Friday and Saturday, 10 A.M. – 9 P.M.
Sunday, 10 A.M. – 7 A.M.

Locations of the motives

The lake promenade: Bazar, Fairtrade
Below Hofanger: international craftsmanship, instruments, building toy models
Stage: music program
The herb garden: herbs & spices from all over the world, tea, coffee, cosmetics, natural products
The Rose Garden: sculpture park, ceramics, everything for the garden
On the hill: sculptors, painters, glass, metal, ceramics and wood 


Chiemsee Songwriter Contest - BAZart and Market of the Spirit (Markt der Sinne)

Chiemsee Songwriter Contest – BAZart and Market of the Spirit (Markt der Sinne)

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